Omi-Cron Clearcoat


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Omi-Cron® M.S 75-3045 was developed for use over all paint systems basecoats. 75-3045 features Omi-Cron
proven urethane technology. It is designed to give you a superior combination of outstanding appearance and
productivity for panel and overall repairs.
75-3045 brings a new standard of gloss, levelling and D.O.I. (Distinctness of Image) to automotive repair finishes.
It also brings productivity to your shop.
75-3045 is tough and durable; you get great gloss direct from the gun. Its unique formulation gives excellent
resistance to shrinkage and dieback, and keeps a high gloss even when thoroughly cured.
75-3045 is easy to mix, easy to use, and is designed to be baked or air-dried. With advanced UV screeners and
absorbers, your finishes keep their beauty longer.
When appearance counts, Omi-Cron® 75-3045 is the premium high build urethane for panel and overall repairs

Deep, glossy appearance with exceptional D.O.I.
Outstanding gloss without buffing
Excellent levelling and smoothness
Designed for baking or air dry
Superior die back resistance
Easy to use
Choice of activator speeds
Easy mix ratio (2:1)
Can be applied over all paint systems basecoats
Toughened with advanced UV screeners and absorbers
Features proven Omi-Cron® urethane technology