Octoral Octobase


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The Octobase System is a high-quality basecoat system that needs to be finished with a clear coat. The Octobase System contains 25% less mixing colours then comparable systems which means lower investments and less stock. The compact and complete system can be applied with both conventional and high efficiency techniques. Referring to the wide range of colour formulas and 58 mixing colours, all solid, metallic and pearl/mica car colours can be made.

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B16 Metallic Bright 3.5 L, B17 Metallic Very Fine 3.5 L, B18 Metallic Very Coarse 1.0 L, B19 Metallic Coarse 3.5 L, B20 Metallic 3.5 L, B33 Metallic Gold 1.0 L, B77 Metallic Bright orange 1.0 L, B298 Metallic Bright Red 1.0 L, B909 Disorient Additive 1.0 L, B969 Metallic Ultra Fine Bright 1.0 L, B22 Mica White Very Fine 1.0 L, B34 Mica Copper 1.0 L, B35 Mica Purple 1.0 L, B36 Mica Green Blue 1.0 L, B37 Mica Yellow 1.0 L, B38 Mica Green 1.0 L, B39 Mica Blue 1.0 L, B40 Mica Red 1.0 L, B41 Mica White Fine 1.0 L, B46 Mica Red 1.0 L, B47 Mica White 1.0 L, B48 Mica Red Fine 1.0 L, B529F Mica Blue Fine 1.0 L, B00 White 3.5 L, B10 Extra White 3.5 L, B12 Base Additive 3.5 L, B21 Super Jet Black 1.0 LB23 Base Additive 3.5 L, B42 Orange 1.0 L, B43 Transparent Red 1.0 L, B44 Transparent Medium Red 1.0 L, B45Transparent Red 1.0 L, B49 Transparent Red Brown 1.0 L, B52 Transparent Orange 1.0 L, B54 Blue Green 1.0 L, B56 Purple Red 1.0 L, B57 Transparent Yellow Green 1.0 L, B58 Yellow 1.0 L, B60 Yellow Orange 1.0 L, B63 Red 1.0 L, B70 Violet 1.0 L, B72 Oxide transparent Brown 1.0 L, B73 Oxide Transparent Yellow 1.0 L, B78 Transparent Bright Red 1.0 L, B79 Oxide Red 1.0 L, B81 Maroon 3.5 L, B88 Mix Black 3.5 L, B89 Deep Black 3.5 L, B94 Green 3.5 L, B95 Bright Blue 3.5 L, B97 Blue 1.0 L, B98 Oxide Yellow 1.0 L, B99 Transparent White 1.0 L, B548 Bright Green Blue 3.5 L, BL30 Graphite 1.0 L, BW86 Jade 0.1 L, BW87 Ruby 0.1 L, BW88 Amethyst 0.1 L, BW89 Emerald 0.1 L, B26 Xirallic Green 1.0 L, B27 Xirallic Gold 1.0 L, B28 Xirallic Blue 1.0 L, B29 Xirallic White 1.0 L, B31 Xirallic Red 1.0 L