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The Octocryl System is a two-component finishing system that meets all the requirements demanded by the end user: easy to process, highest quality in protection and durability and a high gloss. The drying process is preset in such a way that all objects can be sprayed optimally and that the overspray mist is absorbed well. The result is a uniform, high-gloss surface. Through a careful selection of pigments, Valspar has managed to reduce the number of mixing colours to a minimum of 20, while still achieving an optimum colour range.

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A00 White 3.5 L, A01 Fleet Additive 3.5 L, A10 Extra White 3.5 L, A50 Deep Black 3.5 L, A54 Blue Green 1.0 L, A56 Purple Red 1.0 L, A57 Transparent Yellow Green 1.0 L, A58 Yellow 1.0 L, A60 A60 Yellow Orange 1.0 L, A63 Red 3.5 L, A64 Orange 1.0 L, A66 Blue 3.5 L, A75 Yellow 1.0 L, A79 Oxide Red 1.0 L, A81 Maroon 1.0 L, A88 Mix Black 1.0 L, A91 Mix Black 3.5 L, A94 Green 1.0 L, A98 Oxide Yellow 1.0 L, OD489 Deep Black 3.5L