Tec4 Diff and Gear Treatment


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Reduces gearbox and differential noise, provides smoother gear changes.

Reduces wear and extends the life of the gearbox, differential and transfer box.

Tec4 Diff and Gear Treatment is a fully balanced supplementary gear oil package which is scientifically formulated using the latest technology to provide the listed benefits to gearboxes and differentials in a wide variety of automotive and industrial equipment.

Tec4 Diff and Gear Treatment is compatible with all gear oils formulated to meet the requirements of international vehicle manufacturers’ specifications for extreme pressure gear oils.

Tec4 Diff and Gear Treatment is also recommended for use in limited slip differentials.

Key Benefits:

  • Quieten gearbox and differential noise and allow smoother gear changes
  • Reduce gear friction and lower operating temperatures
  • Reduce gear tooth wear and extend operating life of gearbox, differential and transfer box
  • Improve chemical and shear stability of the oil so that long term functioning o