Tec4 Top-End Treatment


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Tec4 Top-End Treatment is a complex blend of lubricity agents, viscosity improvers and oil fortifiers which combine to reduce oil consumption and inhibit engine noise.

Key Benefits:

  • Releases sticking valve stems and hydraulic valve lifters
  • Inhibits engine noise
  • Provides anti-wear protection
  • Improves engine performance and response
  • Reduces excessive oil consumption
  • Compatible with all modern API and ACEA specification engine oils.

Tec4 Top-End Treatment is designed to be used in conjunction with Tec4 Oil System Cleaner 

Add one 400ml bottle of Tec4 Top-End Treatment to the crankcase of a typical motor vehicle following the oil change.

For larger capacity engines the product should be applied at a rate of 10% by volume.