SIP HGT4000S MIG Transformer Welder


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The SIP HGT4000S is an industrial-grade MIG transformer welder featuring a 10x position switch, 2T/4T controls, and a separate 4-roll wire feed unit with interconnecting harness.

  • 230v (38A) input supply
  • 60A – 300A output current
  • High 300A @ 35% MIG duty cycle
  • Ultra heavy-duty transformer welder
  • 0.8mm – 1.2mm weld wire, up to 15kg
  • 24metre/min maximum wire feed speed
  • Separate heavy-duty 4-roll wire feed unit
  • 2 touch / 4 touch (2T/4T) trigger modes
  • 10x position switch voltage control
  • Interconnecting harness included
  • Integrated burn back adjustment
  • Supplied with accessories