SIP HG2300DV MIG/TIG/ARC Synergic Inverter


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The SIP HG2300DV is a multi-process inverter welder that takes full advantage of Synergic welding technology. Simply select your process, gas, wire, and material, and the machine will do the rest.

  • 230v (16A), 110v (13A) input supply
  • Integrated IGBT and Synergic technology
  • Extremely powerful and versatile output:
    • 40A – 90A (110v) / 40A – 200A (230v) – MIG
    • 10A – 70A (110v) / 10A – 180A (230v) – ARC
    • 10A – 90A (110v) / 10A – 180A (230v) – TIG
  • Simply select your process, gas type, wire size, and
    plate material, and the machine will set parameters
  • Synergic curves for mild, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Adjustable pre/post-flow gas times and run-in WFs
  • Existing setups can be saved, stored, and loaded
  • Operational in GAS and GASLESS weld modes
  • Full components and spares list on the machine