The DRST acts as a key protection device that can be fitted to any of the Stolen Vehicle Tracking Devices as an optional extra.

The device receptacle is hidden within the vehicle, you will need to touch this area with one of your two DRST tags before driving.

If this process has not been completed the Global Telemetrics Control Centre will call you to confirm everything is ok.

The SmarTrack DRST can help against key theft and key cloning. Click here for a story from Sky News.

The SmarTrack DRST offers the features listed below:

Works with all Thatcham Assured SmarTrack tracking devices
2 tags supplied with a possibility of 5 per vehicle
LED supplied to visually show the Tags have disarmed the device
Monitored 24 hours a day by the Global Telemetrics Control Centre
1 year manufactures warranty
Fully Transferable (Terms and Conditions apply Click here to view)

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