SIP Mercury Tronic 4.0-08-200ES Screw/Dryer


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The SIP Mercury Tronic 4.0-08-200ES is a powerful industrial-grade screw compressor with a refrigeration dryer, a POLY-V belt drive and ETM II controller for optimum performance.

  • 400v (20amp) input supply
  • 230v (13amp) refrigeration dryer
  • Powerful 5.5hp (4.0kW) IE3 motor
  • Heavy-duty 200 litre air receiver size
  • 20.5CFM maximum free air delivery
  • 116psi (8 bar) maximum air pressure
  • POLY-V-type belt-driven transmission
  • ETM II (Easy Tronic Micro II) controller
  • Thermostatic-controlled centrifugal fan
  • 24hr use without a performance drop
  • Easy-to-reach oil filter and separator
  • 95% efficiency plus 100% duty cycle
  • Mechanical ON/OFF, pressure switch
  • Super low 60db(A) noise level
  • Premium Italian construction