Pioneer CD-IH202 Apple Lightning Connectivity Set for AVIC, AVH & SPH Products


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Connect via Apple Lightning

This cable set will help you to connect an iPhone 5 to your compatible AVH, AVIC or SPH product with AppRadio Mode.

The direct digital connection assures you get the superior audio and picture quality. Your phone will charge whilst connected.

This set includes:

1 x 17pin to USB cable (1.5 m)
1 x HDMI Type A-A cable (2 m)
1 x Spiral black cover

To connect you will also need these:

Apple Lightning to Digital AV adapter
Apple Lightning to USB cable

Learn how to connect your cable set.

This cable is also available as CA-IH200V.
Main Features CD-IH202
Other 1 x HDMI cable (200 cm)
1 x 17pin to USB (150 cm)
1 x Spiral black cover