Octoral Octobase ECO Plus Mixing Colours. Solid Colours


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Eco Plus is a water based mixing system that allows you to mix at will colours from COINS colour software.


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0.5 L W23 Base Additive, 0.5 L W43 Transparent Red, 0.5 L W44 Transparent Medium Red, 0.5 L W45 Transparent Red, 0.5 L W49 Transparent Red Brown, 0.5 L W52 Transparent Orange, 0.5 L W57 Transparent Yellow Green, 0.5 L W58 Leadfree Yellow, 0.5 L W60 Leadfree Yellow Orange, 0.5 L W72 Oxide Transparent Brown, 0.5 L W73 Oxide Transparent Yellow, 0.5 L W76 Blue Green, 0.5 L W78 Transparent Bright Red, 0.5 L W79 Oxide Red, 0.5 L0 W98 Oxide Yellow, 1.0 L W00 White, 1.0 L W21 Super Jet Black, 1.0 L W50 Deep Black, 1.0 L W54 Blue Green, 1.0 L W62 Red, 1.0 L W66 Bright Blue, 1.0 L W70 Violet, 1.0 L W71 Violet, 1.0 L W74 Purple Red, 1.0 L W81 Maroon, 1.0 L W88 Mix Black, 1.0 L W89 Deep Black, 1.0 LW94 Green, 1.0 L W96 Maroon, 1.0 L W97 Blue, 1.0 L W99 Transparent White, .5 L W80 Green, .5 L W53 Transparent Yellow, 1 L. W10 Extra White