Product Characteristics:

rotting resistant
good ageing resistance
easy to tear
resistant to low and high temperatures
noise damping

For binding and wrapping of cable sets and cable harnesses. Due to the controlled unwind force a good processing is ensured. The final layer should be wound on itself and fixed with short and tight pressure.

Technical Data:

Thickness DIN EN 1942 mm 0.3 0.03
Elongation at break DIN EN 14410 % > 30
Tensile strength DIN EN 14410 N/cm > 20
Adhesion to steel DIN EN 1939 issued 11/96 N/cm > 3.0
Unwind force* DIN EN 1944 N/19 mm 2.0 – 8.0
Temperature range — °C -40 to +150

Storage: At about 20°C to 30 °C and max. 65% humidity in original packing

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