Fire Extinguisher 6ltr Foam


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Model No. SFE06
• AFFF (aqueous film-forming foam) extinguisher suitable for use on A, B Class fires.
• Leak-tested and features polypropylene lined cylinder with brass valve assembly.
• Five year warranty.
• Refillable, supplied with wall mounting bracket and pressure gauge.
• Fully accredited to BS EN 3 and Kite marked. FIRE CLASSIFICATION CLASS [ A ]: Combustion of solid material such as wood, paper, textiles etc.
FOAM – YES – Smothering and cooling effect.
BC POWDER – YES/NO – Only on small surface fires.
ABC POWDER – YES – Rapid knockdown.
Smothering effect prevents re-ignition.
CO2 – YES/NO – Only on small surface fires.
WATER – YES – Good cooling effects.
Prevents re-ignition. CLASS [ B ]: Combustion of liquids e.g. petrol, oil, paint, solvents and grease.
FOAM – YES – Blankets fire and prevents re-ignition.
BC POWDER – YES – Rapid knockdown. ABC POWDER – YES – Rapid knockdown. CO2 – YES – Rapid knockdown.
Leaves no residue. WATER – NO CLASS [ C ]: Combustion of flamma