Ported Enclosure

This subwoofer will thrive in well in a ported enclosure. A ported enclosure is easy to spot because of the vent (port). This enclosure will be bigger than a sealed enclosure and it also has greater SPL output, resulting in chest-thumping bass with authority. For proper tuning and optimum subwoofer performance in a ported enclosure, we recommend using an amplifier with a subsonic filter.

Sealed Enclosure

This subwoofer will operate well in a sealed enclosure that will yield solid, tight bass. You can either purchase a pre-fabricated enclosure or build one to suit your installation needs. Sealed enclosures are relatively easy to build and are the smallest enclosure the subwoofer is designed for.

Single Voice Coil

A subwoofer with a single voice coil can be powered by an appropriately matched amplifier or can be combined with multiple single voice coil subwoofers to achieve a variety of impedances to match your amp set up. Single voice coil subwoofers are generally ideal for low to medium-power applications.

General Specs

Subwoofer Size 8″
Peak Power Handling 400 Watts
RMS Power Handling 200 Watts
Voice Coil Configuration Single
Impedance 4 Ω
Mounting Dimensions Mounting Diameter 7.065″
Mounting Depth 3.6″
T/S Parameters
FS 42 Hz
Qes 1.429
Qms 11.054
Qts 1.266
Vas 1.494 CuFt
Xmax (One-Way) 3 mm
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 83 dB

Enclosure Specs

Recommended Sealed 0.6 CuFt
Recommended Ported 0.7 CuFt
Port Dimension Round 3 Inch
Port Length 9″
Port Frequency 43 Hz

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