The Clifford IntelliStart 4 is suitable for both manual and automatic transmisson, the IntelliStart 4 allows you to start the car from the confort of your home or office.

In the summer you can use Clifford IntelliStart 4 to cool the car down via its air conditioning and in the winter, use the IntelliStart 4 to warm both the engine and interior.

With one touch of the Key fob button the IntelliStart 4 will start the engine, but will leave the doors locked and the alarm still armed.

Clifford IntelliStart 4 Product Details

Suitable for manual and automatic transmisson
IntelliStart allows you to start the car before you get in.
Compatible with both Clifford G4/G5 Systems
Just the touch of a button starts the engine, but leaves the doors still locked and the alarm still on

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